You can make a difference to homeless and at risk teens

Please help YES support and keep teens safe

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Please help YES support and keep teens safe

We believe all kids have the right to be loved, respected and kept safe.

"Youth homelessness is often rooted in family conflict. Other contributing factors include economic circumstances like poverty and housing insecurity, racial disparities, and mental health and substance use disorders. Young people who have had involvement with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems are also more likely to become homeless.

Many homeless youth and young adults have experienced significant trauma before and after becoming homeless and are particularly vulnerable, including victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation. Youth who identify as LGBTQ; pregnant and parenting youth; youth with special needs or disabilities, and youth of color, particularly African-American and Native American youth, are also more likely to become homeless."

YES Outreach Program case managers meet with kids at schools, at YES drop-in centers and throughout the community, offering resources to meet their immediate needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and hygiene items. Case managers complete needs assessments with participants that address food insecurity, sense of safety, medical, dental, mental health and physical or substance abuse concerns. Once completed, appropriate referrals can be made for vocational and educational options, life skills training and placement in host homes, if needed. Attempts are made to locate families and assure them of their child’s safety. When appropriate, reunification with the family through counseling is explored. YES works with the courts as an advocate for these young people and their families to promote a healthy, intact family structure, if possible. If not, youth may be placed in a safe environment with ongoing support services provided, either in a host home or with another safe relative or friend.

The Youth Emergency Service program is not fully funded and community assistance is needed. A secure storage facility is needed for donations and supplies as well as a larger drop in center with access to a washer and dryer for youth to wash their clothes and a place to take a shower. Donations are needed for clean, warm clothing, sleeping bags, back packs, school supplies, and food as well as money to continue to provide case management and staff the drop in center. If your church or organization is interested in fundraising for this project to benefit our local area, please consider Youth Emergency Services.

Together we can reach a time when teen homelessness doesn't exist and YES's services are no longer be needed!

Host Homes, volunteers and mentors are always needed and appreciated. Free training is included for all volunteers and Host Homes.
For more information please call our office at 509-447-1125.